Turbopell, finally a fast and efficient electric snow shovel!


Turbopell is 3 times faster than a snow clearing with a hand shovel. There is no petrol and oil blend to prepare.
Turn it on, and let’s go for an express snow clearing!



Its lightness makes it is usable by everybody.
Less tireness and no more backache.
Its size makes it handy and easy to store.
Last but not least, its price makes reachable
for everyone powered snowclearing.


An electric motor means no maintenance, no exhaust smell, no oil stain and a very silent use (which makes it possible to power it any time).



Welcome to our Turbopell shop. You will find here all the necessary equipment to easily and quickly clear the snow from your surroundings.






Your electric snow shovel that clears everything in its path

The TURBOPELL is a cordless electric snow shovel very easy to use. You just need to recharge its battery SAMSUNG 2,5Ah on a mains socket during 2 h approximately and thus to benefit from a autonomy of 50 min of clearing of snow. 3 times faster than a manual snow removal with a weight of only 6 kg, don’t get tired anymore, everything will become simpler, faster and especially less tiring!

Buy your electric snow shovel at the best price on Turbopell

Enjoy 2 years warranty on all Turbopell products marketed on our site. The products are developed in Austria and meet the European standards, they bring a total satisfaction to our customers who are more and more numerous. Fast delivery and interlocutors based in France, all these arguments will not fail to seduce you.


Turbopell is a brand of the BDE Sports group. French distributor specializing in sports, outdoor and tooling.
Turbøpell products are developed in Austria, a mountain country where ski culture is very important.
Our expertise in the mountain environment serves both professionals and individuals.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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